We are a solid team of paranormal researchers looking to help others who may think they are involved with some kind of paranormal activity in their home or business. We are always updating our knowledge and equipment to advance the team in this field. We follow police protocols when researching, investigating, and logging data. Our main goal is to help YOU.




A Message From The Directors


A Message from Director Gil Saldana 

I joined PPRS in June of 2006 hoping that I would get a few questions answered. Unfortunately, the questions I wanted answers to were not that anyone COULD answer. But, the drive within the team made me want to keep searching. The original “ABOUT US” made it clear what the intent was. It was to “Help Others.”

   The team went through a few changes… New directors, new faces, and even the loss of those we held close. After losing Trish and Donn it would have been easy to just let the whole thing fade away, but that wasn’t going to happen.

   PPRS had taken on a life of it’s own, driven by the passion to help and the hard work certain people gave tirelessly. Even a two year dry spell couldn’t kill us. We kept going, chins high, always forward.

  Now PPRS is stronger than ever. Each member has a talent that puts this team head and shoulders above the rest. We’re trying new things, community presentations, investigations and even a podcast. 

   I’m proud to be connected to everyone on this team.



A Message from Director Jason Carrasco

As a Licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist I have over ten years of experience in completing mental health evaluations on children, adolescents, and adults. In many of these initial assessments and ongoing psychotherapy many of these clients believe they are having paranormal experiences. I evaluate these clients being both sensitive and mindful of their spiritual, religious, and/or cultural beliefs. I feel confident in helping families deal with these experiences and provide them with the coping skills they need to live a more balanced life.


A Message from Director Thomas Durant

“Many people fear the Occult, because of a lack of understanding as to what it truly means.  Simply put, it’s about taking what is hidden and bringing it to light.  The negative beliefs that most people hold are because of the poor choices of a few men and women, and also from half concocted press reports about people who willingly sought to shy the public away from the TRUE WORK they were doing.  If the general audience truly wishes to hate a thing, they must work to better understand it’s true meaning and intention.  There is much light in the works of Occultists throughout history, and even more helpful ways to bring resolution to some of the toughest cases.  One only needs to understand that we are all channels of the Divine Presence (God, the Holy Spirit, The Angels, The Goddess, Reiki, Re, Siva, Jesus, Jehovah, Adonai, etc.) and when we give ourselves to the light, the darkness cannot overtake us.  Ego must be pushed aside and contained, like the demons of old, and only then may the light of the Divine guide us on our journey.

4 thoughts on “MAIN

  1. Hi PPRS!
    My name is Claire Forrest, I currently live in a 101 year old home in historical highlands in Pasadena. Recently, we have been experiencing many paranormal events. Such as: flickering light, radio interferences in conjunction with flickering lights, footsteps, voices, dark shadows and uneasy feelings. We don’t know how to explain this and we were hoping to get some answers, can you help us? thank you!


  2. Hi. My name is David Welch. I live in katy. I have been contemplating on contacting you for a while. I seriously believe my house is haunted. I moved in on March 1st. of this year. Everything was fine for a while until I decided to bring out a couple of stuffed animals my deceased mother gave me, so that I could pass them onto my daughter. Ever since, my motion sensor switches (one in the children’s bathroom and the other in my daughter’s bedroom) will trigger and the lights will turn on. That is only the beginning. My cat of seven years has all of a sudden began to freak out and start jumping at nothing and running around my house to the point to where she has literally pulled open my bathroom door while I was on the commode and ran into my closet to hide. Noises are non-stop. Guests have told me they have heard people talking and walking upstairs when there was nowhere here. Glass bowls have shattered, throwing pieces all over my kitchen when my house is vacant. The stories go on and on.

    If you are interested and/or would like to come help, I’d be more than grateful.

    Please contact me via this email and we can go from there.

    Thank you.

    David Welch


  3. Hello my name is Tim Ramos I have always had an interest in the paranormal. And I have had a couple of experiences in my life. That were cool and that I couldn’t debunk. If there’s ever a spot open or even a chance to go on an investigation I would love to be a part of that just to get the experience of a legitimate investigation.
    Thank you for your time
    Tim Ramos
    Riverside California


  4. Guys I went to the Downey cemetery and i heard someone say something saying “world gone” and I looked back and I saw a tree shake and I got scared so I ran but when I ran I just tripped but I hadn’t tripped over something and I saw a car in front of me turn on all of a sudden but there was no one around me.So please search the Downey cemetery just in case this happens again or the world will actually be gone like the voice I heard in my ear


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